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  • Four ultrasonic sensors used to cover blind spot not visible in vehicle mirrors
  • Speed activated to ensure SideWarn! live when needed
  • Permanently active up to 16mph
  • LH indicator activates external warning alarm
  • RH indicator deactivates SideWarn! to prevent unnecessary warnings
  • Optional cyclist external LED warning light
  • Includes driver warning and light
  • E-marked
  • 3 year warranty
  • Onsite installation and full technical support
  • Fits all types of vehicles such as vans, rigids, tractor units, buses, coaches, construction equipment
  • Operates from 8V – 48V
  • Waterproof - IP66 rated
  • Warns of objects within 0.5m of the vehicle


  • Compliance with FORS / Crossrail / TfL guidelines
  • A proven track record with major fleets and vehicle manufacturers
  • Detects cyclists or pedestrians in vehicle blindspot
  • Warns cyclists/pedestrians and the driver of impending danger before an incident has occurred
  • Also prevents accident damage around HGV step area – proven return on investment

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